Welcome to the annual retreat page of the PhD program in Ecology and Evolution of the PhD School of Life Sciences at the Faculties of Medicine and Science, University of Geneva.

This meeting promotes scientific exchanges and sharing of ideas and progress by strengthening links within the doctoral school among doctoral students working in the field of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Geneva.

It brings together students from the departments of Genetics and Evolution, Botany and Plant Biology, Genetic Medicine and Development and F.-A. Forel for environmental and aquatic sciences.



Due to the special circumstances, regarding the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, this year's retreat will take place online.

Program and Schedule

Time Event
9:00 - 12:00 Poster viewing
14:00 Mathias Currat (Dpt GenEv-UA) and Juan Montoya-Burgos (Dpt GenEv) Welcoming and introductory speech
14:15 Arthur Sanguet (Group Price, Dpt Botany and Plant Biology, and CJB) Comparing performances of Species Distribution Models in Grand Genève
14:25 Xujian Xu (Group Ibelings, Dpt Forel) Exploring the interaction of a novel chytrid infecting Dolichospermum heterocysts
14:35 Joren Wierenga (Group Ibelings, Dpt Forel) Interactive effects of environmental factors on parasitic interactions between chytrids and cyanobacteria
14:45 Jaspreet Saini (Group Zdobnov, Dpt Genetic Medicine and Development) Evidence for a functioning microbial loop vital for the aquatic food web in meromictic Lake Cadagno
14:55 Break
15:10 Luigi Manuelli (Group Montoya-Burgos, Dpt GenEv) Testing the chromosomal radiation hypothesis in Loricariidae catfishes
15:20 Médéric Mouterde (Group Poloni, Dpt GenEv-UA) Explaining evolution in drug metabolizing genes by combining phenotypes and genotypes in humans
15:30 Alexandros Tsoupas (Group Currat, Dpt GenEv-UA) Using paleogenomic data to infer the demography of the Neolithic transition along the Danube
15:40 Aina Randriarisoa (Groups Naciri and Gautier, Dpt Botany and Plant Biology, and CJB) Generic circumscription within the Manilkarineae subtribe: A genus disappears, a new one should be described
15:50 Mathilde Ruche (Group Price, Dpt Botany and Plant Biology, and CJB) Dicranum scoparium Hedw.: a model species for evolution studies of the haplolepideous peristome
16:00 Break and election of the best poster presentation
16:15 Claudio Quilodràn (Group Currat, Dpt GenEv-UA) Postdoc career presentation
16:25 Alexandre Lemopoulos (Group Montoya-Burgos, Dpt GenEv) Postdoc career presentation
16:35-17:30 General discussion with Claudine Neyen (coordinator PSLS) about the ECOVO program, prize ceremony, election of next organizers and conclusion


Best presentation prize: the winner for 2020 is Arthur Sanguet.

Organizing committee

Arthur Sanguet, Aina Randriarisoa, Mathilde Ruche, Alexandros Tsoupas, Juan Montoya-Burgos, and Mathias Currat.